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Help you & your team feel Empowered...

Break away from the city; explore the world, explore the mind.

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Our aim in to maximise your empowerment through helping you explore the world and explore your mind...

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The Ride the Tide formula is simple: Develop a people-first strategy, focused on maximising employee empowerment.

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We have a wide range of corporate events that allow you to kick back, break away from the city, explore the world and explore the mind!

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We're not all about Corporate. Need some plans for the weekend and fed up of slamming it on Call Lane? Why not join us on an Adventure instead - there's an insane amount of stuff to discover out there...

Our Ride the Tide session was amazing, Jodie made us all feel so comfortable and challenged us all, as well as ensuring we had ways to ease the different flows if we needed to. I left the session full of self love and positivity and it really set me up for a productive afternoon - I can't wait for more sessions!

Daisy Dixon - PwC


Take the first step to feeling empowered and/or in ensuring your team feels valued.

Whether you're a business owner, employee or someone in need of something a little different, there is something for everyone at Ride the Tide!

Let's grab a coffee (in person or virtually if you'd prefer) - we'd love to meet you, have a chat and understand a little more about you, your team and what you are passionate about!

Drop us a message to the right or through any of the channels below.

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