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Team Building Experiences

We Design, Organise & Host Unforgettable Adventure Wellness Team Building Experiences


What Are Your Goals For Your Adventure Wellness Experience?

Blueboard Co-founder and CEO Taylor Smith cites the work of Cornell University Psychology Professor Thomas Gilovich when stating that by employers providing great experiences for its people that leave great memories, they are able to support their staff build a stronger sense of self, Facilitate deeper relationships & Work toward fulfillment. Gilovech looked into what people wrote in their autobiographies, which suggested that that experiences are more meaningful rewards than material items.

Book a FREE Consultation 

We've developed an effective event formula that unleashes the full potential of individuals and organisations. However, we understand that every business and team is unique. Prior to organising and hosting your Adventure Wellness Experience, we would like to consult with you regarding:

What are your Desired Outcomes for the event?

We want to design your event in the most effective way to help you achieve them.


What are the Type of Personalities within in your group?

We will tailor each session to make it the most enjoyable for everyone.


What Type of Adventures would you like to explore?

We have a number of options that we would love to share with you. Additionally, if there is something else that sparks a

passion, we will do everything we can to incorporate this into your event.

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