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Adventure Wellness

At RTT, we believe that people are the heartbeat to every business and with great people comes great success.


We also believe that many of the current people challenges that businesses face, such as diversity & inclusion, team cohesion, staff retention and workforce productivity can be addressed through a strategic investment into the personal & professional development of each individual employee.


Our Adventure Wellness concept does just that; using a combination of personal mindfulness, shared experience and group celebration to create an event that makes real difference to the lives of employees and is something that business can be proud of.

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Event Mission

From the moment we meet and engage with you, we are committed to understanding your objectives and delivering an event that aligns with your vision; One which integrates the theme of the day, ensuring that every aspect of the event contributes to your team's success, growth, and shared experiences.

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In our fast-paced and demanding world, research consistently demonstrates that investing in clarity and peace of mind not only enhances our ability to absorb new information but also fuels our creativity in creating innovative solutions.


By prioritising our well-being, we unlock a powerful state of mind that not only leads to professional success but also fosters lasting happiness and fulfillment in life.

03 | Development

Align strategic goals with your mission through inspiring speakers, training, and workshops, empowering individuals to take meaningful action in pursuit of personal and professional growth.

04 | Adventure

We recognise the challenges of networking and building relationships. That's why we provide a safe and serene space for attendees to bond over unforgettable experiences, fostering lasting connections that go beyond casual conversations over a pint.

05 | Celebration

Gathering for a community meal at the end of the day, enriched with delicious food becomes the cornerstone for building lasting connections and celebrating the successes of the day.

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