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Meaning of 'Empowers'

Our Formula to feel empowered (2).png

Our Empowerment Formula

We believe that if you take actions that focus on Building Resilience, feeling Energised, finding Confidence, you can develop a toolkit to unlock your Empowerment. 

Our events, built from our passions in Adventure & Wellness showcase a handful of some of our top-rated adventures and wellness techniques designed to ignite you and your teams exploration of both the external world and the inner mind.


At Ride the Tide, we believe that to feel Empowered, it is essential we

feel: Energised

When Energised we set ourselves up to bring our best self to every situation.


We feel motivated to do our best, get creative and take the initiative in everything we do. 


We also believe that to feel Empowered means to

find: Confidence.

When confident, we are able to 'feel the fear and do it anyway'.


We feel supported to take control, improving our happiness and productivity.


Ride the Tide's final pillar for Empowerment is our ability to

build: Resilience.

Through resilience, we build knowledge around the connection of mind & body.

We feel stronger in tough moments and make better life choices.

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