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We are an Adventure Wellness Corporate Events Company with a mission to change the way the business community thinks about social events and their wider 'people' strategy; driving positive change for both the business and it's employees.


“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, and magic and power in it. Begin it now.” – Goethe

The idea to invest in employee wellbeing in order to improve productivity and motivation is not new, but something that we believe the majority can still improve.

Our formula is simple: Develop a people-first strategy focused on employee empowerment. This means to create a workforce that is energetic, confident and resilient and one that feels supported by their employer from both a professional and personal perspective.

Our events, built from our passions for adventurous new experiences and an appreciation of the power of the mind, do exactly this; increasing employee engagement, motivation and productivity through empowerment.

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How did Ride the Tide come about?

In 2022, Ride the Tide UK formed from two energetic and full hearted individuals, (Tom and Jodie), who share the same passion for the outdoors and LIFE.


From our time in the corporate world, we have seen the amazing lifestyle people can cultivate in their careers, but also the drawbacks such as burn out and stressed induced leave. We have seen close colleagues and friends suffer due to feelings of being overwhelmed and no safe space to talk. We've also been the creator of numerous wellbeing initiatives to support not only our local Leeds office, but across the UK in the Big4 Accounting firms.

As we progressed through our years in Leeds, we grew bored of drinking in Leeds and explored further to find new passions for wakeboarding, wild swimming and yoga. Jodie is now becoming a fully certified Yoga instructor the summer of 2023 after completing 18 months of extensive training and experience, and Tom is developing his skills in becoming a watersports coach.

With our combined skills and energy, Pep N Heb are here to provide a day with adrenaline filled activities, exquisite food and a space for you to kick back and relax whilst you and your team enjoy the best of what Yorkshire has to offer...

Let's replace the traditional, stale team building activities and instead, provide an opportunity to find a new hobby and a beautiful destination to spend your weekends, whilst making your team feel motivated, valued, energised, and empowered!




Co-Creator and Yoga Instructor

Loves: Travelling, Yoga, Laughing and the Moon

Jodie experienced times of struggle with her mental health in both her university years and travels. However, with the help of beautiful and caring support around her, she gradually found her way on the 'Up' and was able to explore the world, gaining new perspectives and connecting with people whose presence and radiance illuminated her life.

After finally empowering herself to fly alone to Perth, Jodie encountered a group of remarkable women who taught her a valuable lesson: "I am not anxious, only experiencing it." Due to lockdown by the beach, morning coffees, deep chats and a lot of dancing, Jodie found her confidence and learnt to love herself more than ever before (this is an ongoing journey haha!)

Returning home to start a career at PwC amid the pandemic, Jodie embarked on a journey of self-discovery, embracing both the highs and lows of her life. Reading the classic '5am Club', 'Atomic Habits' etc, inspiring podcasts, and journaling, and a hell of a lot of walks.

Jodie recognises that she is still on a journey of self-exploration and strives to share her story with others in the hopes that they too can find strength and empowerment in their struggles. She encourages individuals to embrace every part of themselves, even the darker aspects, knowing that they are GOOD ENOUGH (x1000).

Jodie's knowledge has progressed exponentially within the year since starting her 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training course where she's learnt numerous breathwork and movement practices and how this can benefit every aspect of your life. DON'T YOU WORRY - we know that the predominant audience for yoga practitioners is middle aged white women, but we're here to diminish this stigma by bringing the tools and techniques that can be easily inserted into everyday life and adventure. Find the calm in the busy and the moments of stress, and become your best self as you discover it!


Co-Creator and Skipper

Loves: Adventure, the Water and making the most of...anything.

After taking the opportunity to go on a expedition to Ecuador with college, Tom has been clucking for his next adventure. From scuba diving in the South Pacific to hiking through the Cloud Forest, Tom was hooked and the years of adventures were supposed to begin. However, a University degree and 4 years in the corporate world later, Tom has still never quite made it as an traveller of the world...yet.

Tom's sense of adventure has never faded. A keen wakeboarder and general water sports enthusiast, Tom is a qualified Yacht Skipper, Scuba Diver and Powerboat Driver as well as currently looking to undertake a Wakeboard Coaching Qualification. Tom has made it his mission to find adventure on his doorstep in the UK and would love to help others find theirs.

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